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Dentist Articles
Training Your New Dental Staff
As an office manager you know how time consuming it is to train a new staff member. While you're busy helping them learn the ropes your responsibilities are neglected. What happens next? Stress and frustration occur.
If you think it's hard on you what about your staff? For a new member of the team it can be overwhelming. [...]

What To Expect From Dental Assistant Training
Becoming a dental assistant is a great career move as it is a steady industry and generally provides a good working environment. There are various dental assistant training courses that you can attend, but it is a good idea to know what to expect from the course before signing on.
There are almost 300 000 dental assistants in the United States alone and it is an industry that is expected to grow over the foreseeable future. [...]

Fluoride and Water Fluoridation - Healthy Or Not?
To the public at large, fluoride is a safe compound that is essential for their oral and dental health. So most will be comfortable with the idea of fluoridation of water supplies. What the hell...It will save us and our children from the perils of tooth decay and cavities.
But I have some unfortunate news for you..... [...]