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Fluoride and Water Fluoridation - Healthy Or Not?
To the public at large, fluoride is a safe compound that is essential for their oral and dental health. So most will be comfortable with the idea of fluoridation of water supplies. What the hell...It will save us and our children from the perils of tooth decay and cavities.

But I have some unfortunate news for you.....

The so called health benefits of fluoride represents one of the biggest pernicious frauds ever perpetrated by government and big business on an unsuspecting and trusting public.

I know this is quite an assertion to make, but before you turn away in exasperation, this is no crackpot conspiracy theory hatched by some disaffected lunatic fringe group.

The last few years have seen an increasing number of mainstream authorities, scientists, doctors and health professionals of unimpeachable standing,voice their alarm against the enforced fluoridation of our drinking water and the dangers of fluoride.

Here is a sample of some of them:

On November 24th, 1992, Robert Carlton, PHD,and former US EPA scientist, suggested that fluoridation was the greatest case of scientific fraud this century Dr Phyliss Mullenix, in her 1995 research paper, "Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Rats" concluded that fluoride lowers childrens IQ.

In 2006, the American Dental Association warned mothers about using fluoridated water to mix their powdered baby formula.

Even the Wall Street Journal felt obliged to make it's position clear on this issue. In March 2006, it carried an article alluding to the Academy Of Science's concern about high levels of fluoride in the nations drinking water.

In 1996, Dr Michael Schachter of the Schachter Center For Complimentary Medicine, penned an excellent article on the dangers of fluoride and water fluoridation.

He wrote: "Prior to 1945,fluoride was properly regarded as an environmental pollutant. It was responsible for many lawsuits against industries such as the aluminium and phosphate fertilizer industries, whose waste products contain large quantities of fluoride...crops and animals were destroyed, leading to lawsuits. The prevalent public view was that fluoride was a toxin and pollutant that needed to be reduced or eliminated from the environment...


1.It is a toxic sedative. It was given to prisoners in Nazi and Russian death camps in the 1940s. It was used to calm them down and make them more malleable.
2.It is an insidious cumulative poison that steadily accumulates in the bones over a period of time.
3.It damages and compromises the immune system.
4.It interferes with the ability of white blood cells to destroy harmful pathogens.
5.It inhibits antibody formation in the blood
6.It disrupts thyroid function
7.It lowers IQ
8.It causes various cancers.
9.It is even not that good for your childrens teeth! It causes fluorosis in children...ugly white yellow and brown spots on childrens teeth


Governments that add fluoride to drinking water supplies continue to insist that it is safe and beneficial. That it is necessary.

However, scientific evidence continues to highlight the foolishness and sheer dishonesty of this position.

The irony is the FDA in the US acknowledges that fluoride when swallowed poses significant risk to children. It requires all toothpastes carry a poison warning label.

And yet, it is perfectly acceptable to put this poison in water supplies! Go figure... The myth that fluoride prevents cavities originated in the US back in 1939 when large producers of fluoride waste were being threatened by fluoride damage claims.

Scientists employed by these producers conducted experiments which rather conveniently concluded that fluoride reduced cavities. The next logical step was to suggest adding fluoride to the nations drinking water supplies.

In 1947, a lawyer employed by the same producers was placed in charge of the US Public Health Service. The following three years saw 87 new US cities introduce enforced fluoridation of their drinking water.

Fluoride research and education in the US was now financed by the vested interests, namely the aluminium, fertilizer and weapon manufacturing industries.

These industries produce a whole pile of toxic fluoride industrial waste as a by product of their manufacturing process.

The cost of disposing of these waste products would have been prohibitive.

Their control of the Public Health Service and the rather convenient "discovery" that fluoride prevents dental cavities gave them a way out.

They had found a use for their waste products.

It was just a matter of clever re-education of the public into believing that a compound once viewed as toxic was actually extremely beneficial. Fluoride became the active ingredient in a whole bunch of products like fluorinated pesticides, anesthetics, pharmaceuticals, toothpaste, dental gels and mouth washes.

It is now an integral link in the multi billion dollar chain that is the military, industrial and pharmaceutical complex.

Fluoride was a key component in the production of the atom bomb, with millions of tons needed for the production of bomb grade plutonium and uranium.

The spin doctors have sadly done an outstanding job. Clever manipulation and a campaign of mass disinformation enabled them to persuade the public on the "health benefits" of fluoride, a toxic waste product from the manufacture of aluminium, explosives and bomb grade plutonium and uranium.

Half of US drinking water is now fluoridated and the UK seems set to follow it's lead. Her government as per usual, seemingly content to be led by the nose by the US.


1. Avoid fluoridated water. Boiling your water merely serves to concentrate the fluoride content. Only water filters with a reverse osmosis component will remove fluoride.
2.Do not use fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwashes.
3.Do not give your children fluoridated vitamins
4.There are fluoride free toothpastes available, with natural cleaning agents such as baking soda, xylitol, together with antiseptic and anti bacterial essential oils.