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Training Your New Dental Staff
As an office manager you know how time consuming it is to train a new staff member. While you're busy helping them learn the ropes your responsibilities are neglected. What happens next? Stress and frustration occur.

If you think it's hard on you what about your staff? For a new member of the team it can be overwhelming. Just getting to know everyone and where everything is, is hard enough. But as we all know that is the easiest part of all.

If you work in a fast paced office there is very little time to instruct a new member of the team. Phones are ringing, patients are at the front desk wanting to sign in or be checked out, the doctor needs you for one thing or another and the new staff member is swimming upstream real fast. I'm overwhelmed just writing this.

Okay let me be serious again since this is a real problem. If we really look at the situation, how many of you were properly trained to work in your office? Most front office staff were trained as they go. Or they were trained by an individual who had one foot out the door and really could have cared less. So what does that say about your training?

Every time I hear "but all they need to do is answer the phone, schedule appointments and bill the insurance" I'm ready to pull my hair out. Let's dissect these three examples. If you don't answer the phone properly you just might lose a potential new patient. If you sound like a complete fool, you absolutely will. If you don't understand how to schedule appointments properly, the dentist and staff will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off or sitting and twirling their thumbs. Either way this individual is in the dog house. And let us not forget dental insurance. If you think it's easy to know the proper codes, submit the claim in order to maximize the patients' benefits and know how to converse with a claim adjuster, you're kidding yourself.

Let us help you start off on the right tooth!

We will train your new staff member, re-train your existing staff and cross-train your dental assistants on everything they need to know when working at the front desk. Not only will they be taught how to maximize their skills, they will understand the reasoning behind why it's done in this particular fashion.

Having a knowledgeable staff member is a benefit to the whole team. Enabling an office to run smoothly and grow is what it's all about.

So the next time you're ready to train your staff, remember all of us here at Warschaw Learning Institute are here to help you, not only during the training but afterwards via our Forum on the Dental Management Club